How do I find or reset my password?

Setting up a new phone that also gets copies of my computer emails. Forgot my account password. How do I get a reset?

Sounds like this would be handled by your ISP.

No, my password is 9 digits in my eMClient Account that are ********** stars, and I can’t find my cheat sheet. I need to know how to reset it in the eMClient app. It still works on my computer but to get my emails on my replacement android phone i need the password.

I am sure another volunteer will be coming along to try to help you…

AFAIK no serious email client stores accounts passwords.
If you have forgotten your ISP account password for eM Client, then you should go to your ISP website and ask to reset that password. Then update that in eM Client.

To reset your email account password, login to your email provider’s web interface and reset the password.

Unless you are using oAuth, restart eM Client and it will prompt you for the new password. Otherwise you can enter it manually by going to Menu > Accounts and typing it in the password field.

If you are using oAuth, typical with Gmail, there is no password used in eM Client. Access to your Gmail account will continue regardless of how many times you change the password on the server. You do not need to change anything in eM Client.

Thank you.
Mysteriously my phone did pick up the eMClient emails today. It must have pulled the information from my old phone in the transfer but took a long time to process as it also did with se3veral other programs.
I was at the interface page originally and it appeared that I could change the password there but I was apprehensive about doing it. Thanks again.

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New message today: Password required for IMAP. (Server says ‘invalid failure’) I’ve tried every fix I could find on the internet. I finally changed all my passwords in Google accounts and it still won’t take it. What am I doing wrong?

If you are using a username and password for the Gmail account, you will need to setup your account again as that method is no longer supported by Google.

Please follow the instructions here: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client