How do I export a Group and Import it again later

I have several Groups defined. If I try to export them, all I get is the Group name, not the email addresses it contains which makes the export useless.

I found the copy and move of Groups which is nice but how do I export them to save them.

When you say Group, do you mean a tag?

How are you exporting the contacts?

No, I mean a Group in Contacts.

2020-12-13 13_03_58-eM Client

I right click on the Group, like All-Info and select Export List and Export as CSV. I save the file to my Desktop and all I end up with is this:

Full Name,Icon,File As,Details,Tag

which is totally useless without all the E-maill address it should contain.

Ah I see, you are asking about a Distribution List. Unfortunately you cannot export a DL contents.

The Export List option is to export the list of contacts, but in your screenshot, there are only DLs not contacts, so you will end up with a file that has All-Info, All-JND, All-JNG, etc. not the actual contents.

That’s to bad. I am backing up the entire eM Client folder tree under Appdata\Roaming so I do have a backup and I also do image backups with Macrium but it would have been nice to be able to backup the Groups/DLs.

Thank you.

You can save them as vCards. Right-click on a Distribution list and choose Save As.

One thing to note, eM Client needs to be closed for that to happen if you are using an external backup application. The only way to reliably backup eM Client databases while the application is running, is to use eM Client’s own backup option.

Thanks for the tip on backup.

As for saving as Vcard, that option doesn’t exist. I created a Distribution List from one on my Groups, then right clicked on it and selected Save as and there is no Vcard type to save as;

Have a look at your screenshot again.

What type is displayed there? VCARD

Boy do I feel stupid! I was looking a the .vcf extension and never saw VCARD File preceding it.

My apologies Gary and thanks for you help.