How do I enter license key

I see references to Help/License here, but EmClient has no License choice under Help or Tools. Where do I enter it?

What version are you using Joe? 

I just downloaded it on a new W10 machine so whatever is up there.

Good answer …
Just as good as mine:
Bring the machine to my house and we’ll have a look at it - lol

lol - funny. If I was at my house, I would have the version.

You could figure I had a very recent version from EmClient site, which happens to be 7.2.35595.0.

The usual method is Menu > Help > License.

But the reason I asked was because with beta versions that option is not there. 7.2.35595 is not a beta version though.

Don’t know what to say Joe!

You can see from the image that is impossible. Reinstall I suppose? Can I save my settings? 

That’s odd Joe!

Yes, download it again from the Release History then uninstall the one you have. You will be asked if you want to keep your database. Choose Yes, then after installing, all your data and settings will be there. And hopefully the License section as well.