How do I enable logging?

I’m trying to import an Outlook account.  I gave up previously because it doesn’t import everything but offers no explanation of why.  I’ve tried to enable logging on imports to see what the problem is but nothing is recorded.  I also find that some message it imports are replaced by obscure things like “IPM.Configuration.TableViewPreviewPrefs”.

we have completely remade some of the dysfunctional parts of the Import in upcoming version 7.1.
This version is currently in testing.

What exactly is missing after the import?

I can’t say.  There are 2667 messages, it says 200 were not imported.  Some messages which should be in the main Inbox folder are replaced with “IPM.Configuration.TableViewPreviewPrefs” and similar messages.

I did get logging working, I see a lot of “PST Import: Exception when importing contact: System.NotSupportedException: Specified method is not supported.”

I could send you the log file if you think it would help.