How do I download all my Gmails for offline use?


My problem is that my eM client is partially connecting with the Internet.
Whenever I click on refresh, It says your stuff is synced by now but everything else is offline. For example, why I click on an email, it says "It will be downloaded when you get connected to the Internet and my status also offline.

Please solve this problem for me ASAP.
Thank you so much

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the IMAP folder for your account. In the offline section, select to download messages for offline use.

yeah, I did but it was still not downloading because as I said, the client was partially connected to the internet. I just say that we’ll download when you are connected to the internet.

Thank you so much but now I’ve uninstalled the whole eM client and reinstall it, so the error is fixed for now.
I also uncheck one option in settings that were always saying that we are unable to connect to my own email.