How do I display the unread count in a Search Folder

I have created several Saved Search Folders under the Smart Folders group but the Saved Search Folders do not display the unread number count similar to the All Inboxes or Unread folders under the Smart Folders.

How do I get the unread number count to display for the Saved Search Folders?

It is not displayed because it could slow down the whole application.

Is that the same reason why each category under the Categories Smart Folder do not display the number of unread emails?


The “Unread” and “Total” counts are displayed in the lower right of the status bar when the category or search folder is open. I would still like it as an option and let me decide if I want to turn it on or off for each category or search folder.

Sorry, let me clarify. Since the “Unread” and “Total” counts are in the status bar, it is still possible to get those values for Categories or Search Folders. I would still like to have the option to display the “Unread” count next to the Category or Search Folder in the Smart Folders section. My suggestion is to make it a user option where I can turn it on or off for each Category or Search Folder.

OK, we will consider it.

I would really love to have that option too, display values of “unread” count.


something similar is planned and already implemented in next major version, it should be out in few weeks.


This would be very helpful. Are plans still in place to implement this?

Any progress?

guys, the lack of this feature kills the idea of categories. For example, how I am supposed to know that there are unread messages in my @news category in the search folder?

It is really odd that this has not been done yet. 
ESPECIALLY considering the number of messages in the search folder is already known by the software. It is on the top bar when you click on a search folder. See screen shot.   

Yes, please include this feature!

6 years! OMG, I was thinking about buying eM Client, but this seems to be worst support ever!

I think 6 years later the reasoning that “It is not displayed because it could slow down the whole application.” is simply not valid. My computer has 32GB of RAM, 6 CPU cores and 1 TB SDD, I’m sure it can handle showing the unread count. Without the unread count the usefulness of the Search Folders is severely diminished for me, almost useless.

For users that don’t want it, just make it optional.

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100% agree! I’ve just started using eM Client and overall I like it but not being able to see number of unread messages in Search folders annoys me everyday.

I’m another person, another user evaluating eMclient who was disagreeable he surprised by not having message counts or search folders, neither unread nor total. your competition - outlook, Thunderbird - provide such counts, and even Gmail provides an approximate count.

BTW Usage model: I use the message counts to help me decide which search folder I will read next. which search folder has the most activity that I need to address