How do I disable error notifications?

Sometimes eM Client will fail to connect to my gmail, but it’s not a major problem. It just happens occasionally. I don’t like that I get a popup window every time it happens though. How can I disable this? The window’s title is “Operations” and the “Errors” Tab usually has a couple things in it. 

Hi Jason, when this error occurs, can you please make a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?
Are you having any actual issues with sending or receiving messages or with any other of your account’s services?

Sometimes errors can be displayed when connection to your server is dropped, however it should be automatically reconnected within seconds.

Hope this helps,

I have same question:

When em-client can’t access to server appears connection error message. I don’t wont see this mesage. How I can disactivate this appearing of this window?

In other words, I want that all errors bi in silent, without notificatign me. Is it possible?

Hi Victor,
you can disable the error window popups in Tools>Settings>General>General and uncheck the option to “Show window when an error occurs” under the Operation Window settings.