How do I disable colored tags? [SOLVED]

It seems that my GMail labels/tags have recently started appearing in all different colors. At first I thought this was only in the beta, but now I am seeing it in the regular version too. Is this a newly introduced feature or did I just miss it before? At any rate, I am looking for a way to completely disable colored tags, as it is far too distracting for my workflow. Many thanks!

Menu > Accounts > [select your account] > IMAP > Tags > tick the option “Show only locally defined tags”.

Does this solve the problem? I am not sure because I don’t use Gmail.

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Many thanks! On the beta there’s actually an option at the place you mentioned for random colored tags, which I have now disabled.

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Awesome thanks @eisbaer for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

I too have had those random coloured Gmail account label tags for years which was annoying and never knew how to disable them, as prefer just my own custom coloured tags.