How do I delete backup files (locked out)

I created a backup but then decided I wanted to have the backup on another drive so I updated the location in emclient backup settings and ran the backup again. This worked fine but now I cannot delete the original backup stuck in my documents folder. It states I do not have admin rights to delete it or even move it. How can I delete it within EMC or is it stuck in my documents forever? I tried closign emc but its still locked.


The backup files should be created with permissions enabled for all users. Even if you run eM Client as administrator, the backups should still be able to be deleted by the logged on user.

You can’t delete backups from within eM Client, except in automatic backup settings where older backups are deleted once the maximum retained number is reached.

But you can either change the permissions on the folder then delete it, or open Explorer as administrator and delete the folder that way. If the folder is locked by an antivirus application, you may need to look into that.

Thanks - tried admin rights via explorer and also wouldn’t allow me to change permissions. I rebooted and then I could delete it. Ooops! Thanks very much for the quick response. Fantastic email software. Just wish I had discovered it years ago to replace outlook 16 which a real pain to use with gmail / IMAP and backup properly.