How do i deactivate a licence?

I have EM Client pro with 4 licences, all currently used. I’ve just upgraded to Windows 8.1 and need to deactivate the existing licences. I’ve gone to the licence manager page but I don’t have any login details for it.

Do I need to register somewhere first?

Thanks in advance

Just input the license number that you want to use on the new computer. It will activate on that computer. When you go back to the computer that the license was orginally on it will see that the license was activated on another computer and will “deactivate” itself. You don’t actually need to go back to the old computer though.

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I did a clean install of windows on the PC and reinstalled EM Client so I can’t deactivate it. When I try to enter the license it says I need to deactivate one of the existing ones first.

That’s strange. When I started to use it on a new computer, it just let me activate it and when I went back to the old computer it told me that eM Client was not licensed on that computer.

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The login credentials to the license manager application available at should be sent with your license details that contain your activation key and login to the VIP support available at 

Please use these credentials to deactivate your licenses. You can also deactivate the license using the application, if you still have the previous activated license available, just navigate to Help > License and use the “Deactivate” button.