How do I create a group in eM client?

How do I create a group in eM Client?

A group of what, Kip?

a group of emails for a distribution list.

Click the down arrow on the New button and choose Distribution List.

You can find help on most things in the Help File (F1). Look under Features > EMail > Distribution List for more information on this feature.

Gary, Thanks for the reply. The “Other Contacts” is not a category it is another folder in Googel and Google will not let me delete it but, your previous reply got me thinking and with some experimenting and found a work-around to my issue.

For anyone else having this issue here is want I found to work. I’m not sure if this 100% accurate but this is how it seems after some experimenting.

First, to restate the problem. I don’t use Gmail I only use Googles contacts and calendars.  

I wanted to sync eM Contacts with my Google Contacts which syncs with my phone. Google has two primary folders. The Main Folder (which some refer to as the My Contacts folder) that holds all your contacts. Then there is a folder called ‘Other Contacts’ which, among other things hold the contacts that you send Gmail emails to that are not already contacts in the main folder, I believe. The problem for me was that the ‘Other Contacts’ folder does not sync to my phone and when I would enter a new contact in eM it would sync to the ‘Other Contacts’ folder in Google contacts. I have found however, that when I create a new contact in eM if I assign it a category, which Google calls Labels, then when it syncs to google contacts it will show up in the main folder with that label attached. So, the work around for me is to just make sure I assign every contact I crate in eM a category.

I will mention, that eM does not add the Labels from Google to the eM category list. It does keep the assignment of the category/label when you import emails but it does not add the labels to the list of categories available to select from when creating a new contacts. So, if you want the list of categories in eM to match the labels in Google you have the manually create them in eM and keep the two list, eM categories & Googles labels updated manually.

Hope this helps someone…

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