How do I create a folder that is stored on my hard drive like .pst files in outlook

I am wanting to move emails into other folders to keep on my hard drive so they don’t sit on my gmail account. Currently I use Thunderbird and all my created folders sit on my hard drive so I want to replicate this with eM Client.

You can create ‘local’ e-mail folders which are saved in the database of eM Client on your hard drive, as follows:

  1. select for example the ‘inbox’ under ‘Local folders’

  2. right click with your mouse and select ‘new folder…’ from the popup menu

  3. fill in the details in the ‘create new folder’ dialog.

screen shot:

Hi, eM Client stores database in one folder and all similar data in one file like mail_data.dat and others.

But as user before me noted you can mote your email into local folders which will remove your moved email form server and will keep it local only.