how do I create a contact with many email accounts ?


Hi Richard.    You need to setup something i am trying myself.  It’s called a Distribution List.  You click on File / New / Distribution list.  A window opens where you can give this a name. You will see a button on this window called Select Members.  From here you simply click on each contact in your normal contacts that you want to add and click OK.   Just as an FYI, I have done this several times but it only seems to work once.  Then my distribution list changes to what looks like a normal contact. I have posted a question on the forum as to why that is but no replies yet.  I’d be interested in hearing how you get on with your DL.  Personally, if i cant get this to work and stay working I will try a different email program.  I have had to reload Em Client several times since installing it. 

Hi Richard,
if you’re asking for a list of contacts whom to send emails, then the distribution list setup will work for you, as Xave above mentions.
If you just want to add more email addresses to one specific contact you just need to click the Email button when setting up the contact and you can add up to 5 email addresses.

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Hi Xave,
I’m failing to find your thread about the Distribution list issue, can you share more information about your problem? I’m didn’t manage to replicate your issue.

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Hi Olivia. Sure thing. Ok, lets say I create a DL and called it Pals for example. So it creates and it has a slightly different icon in Contacts. So next I add in a couple of contacts, Olivia, Joe and Andy. The DL works. But if I come back to it tomorrow it no longer works and its icon in Contacts has changed to a normal single contact icon. And its properties are the same as a single contact. I have recreated the DL several times and the same results. Thanks Olivia.

Hi, can I just ask what kind of account does it happen on (gmail, outlook, exchange?) so I can try to replicate it correctly? Because as of now I have DLs I used for weeks, so as much information as you can give me would be very helpful in locating the source of the issue.