How do I copy emails to a backup file?

How do I copy emails to a backup file?

Hi Jim,

I’ll describe manual type backups.

First decide where you want  the location of the backup folder and create and name the folder.
Then you decide what you want to backup - Your whole Profile.  an account or accounts
 a folder like Inbox etc or indivdual mails

  1. This covers all your data  and is done via  Menu > File > Backup
  2. Account or Folders  via Menu > File > Export

3,Individual- or selected- groups of mail  via the respective Folder. Normal file/folder operations
  Use Ctrl + Left mouse click or Ctrl + Shift (first and last)  or Ctrl + A  for All.
Right click the bunch and from the menu you select Save As.

By Default it’s in Documents ,but navigate to your created folder
Hope this helps