how do i connect em client to email

I need help.  This should be pretty simple.

HI Al.

Yes, it is pretty simple. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Click on the + (bottom left corner) to add a new account.

Choose Mail > Other

Enter your comcast email address. On the next screen you will have a choice of POP or IMAP, then just follow the screens through to completion entering the server and security information provided by comcast.

You can find a step-by-step walk-through in the help file (F1) under Accounts > Create new account.

Let me know if you have any difficulty.

Thanks.  I actually used a link on the web that I found that showed how to connect em client to runbox but used the comcast servers and ports instead or the runbox servers and ports.  The one thing that I did have to do - even though I had entered the correct smtp port - was to let the em software ‘FIX’ the smtp connection.   It tried a few ports in under a minute and selected the proper port.  I was surprised that the em help did not provide more specific info for comcast.