How do I clear the Log in eM Client??

I have been attempting to rename some folder in Contacts, which I have now discovered Gmail won’t allow for certain folders, however I continue to get an Error message when logging in to eM Client.
eM continues to function as normal, but I would like to clear the Log for this issue permanently.

Have you changed the names of the folders back to their original name?  I don’t think this is a log issue.

Thank you for your reply Jay,

Yes I have done that.
It appears to be a temporary issue within google, as all other functions are running normally.
However, I think the error message will possibly disappear in due course!!

Cheers, Sundance

If it doesn’t clear, you can delete the database and replace it with a fresh one and allow Gmail to re-synchronize.  To do this:
1.  Close eM Client
2.  Rename the eM Client folder in c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming to eM Client.old.
3.  Restart eM Client.  It will create a new, blank database
4.  Reenter your account information
5.  Allow eM Client to sync

Thanks for the tip, however I went in to my eM Client Menu - File and hit Restore.

As I have recently uploaded an eM Update, I figured the bit of ‘new’ data on my database since the update won’t be missed!!
(There is also a backup file to restore from). 

This has now cleared the Error, hence all is now OK and fixed.

Cheers, Sundance