How do I check my license?

I have got a paid license for eMClient 7, and added a third account. Now it tells me I have to get a Pro license. I thought I had this, so how do I check my license?
As paid user, how many email addresses can I use with eMClient?


Sounds like you did not apply the license to the software
The steps above also allow you to activate and deactivate a pro license

You can check how many seats/licenses you have in the license manager. Use the details you were sent when you purchased the license to login.

With a Pro License you can configure as many email accounts as you wish. There is no restriction. Check that you have activated eM Client using your Pro License key, and not a Free License key. The license manager will specify if the license is Free or Pro, and includes the activation keys. In my own account I have both Free and Pro licenses listed, so make sure you use the correct key.

Thanks guys, I did receive a key, but under Menu; Help; License there is no option to enter my license. It states ‘Free’. I have only an option to deactivate but then I cannot use email I am afraid.
So how where to enter the license key?

Click on Deactivate, then click on Activate and enter your Pro License key.

License manager does not accept my login or password . . .

You can reset your credentials at

This will send you new login information, including your activation key, to your registered email address.

I deactivated, the entered my key again, same results, it’s a free license. How long is a license valid for? I am pretty sure I got a license when 7 was released.

Login to the license manager and make sure you have the correct key.

There are two types of Pro Licenses. One is specific to the version, so will only work on version 6, or version 7, not both. The other type is a lifetime license which will work across all versions.

So how do i find out which license I have got, as I am pretty sure I bought it when V7 was released.
Who can help me out?

Once you have the login details for the license manager, and you have logged in through your web browser, click on the license tab at the top left of the web interface. You will see which version of eM Client each license is valid for, it’s activation key, and they type of license it is. There is also how many users it is valid for, and how many computers it is currently activated on.

Thanks Gary, I got it all working now, it seems I did not use the latest key when I registered V7.
Got it all working now. Thanks for your prompt responses, much appreciated. :slight_smile: