How do i change the installation folder from C:\Program Files

Why do i not get an option to change the install path.
Looks like it defaults to C:\Program Files - I need it to install on D:

I am sorry, but it is not possible.

Why not? Most every other program in existence can do this.

What other limitations will UI run into using your software?…

Why are you linking to my question - which has still not been answered in a satisfactory manner, by the way.

You’re essentially saying “because” to our questions on this subject. Not very professional…

We decided to not allow users to specify the installation folder because we believe this approach is more effective and may eliminate potential problems.

Copying and pasting responses from other threads - outstanding…

Actually, that is *not* the trend these days. Certainly not with user-friendly, intelligently written software.
The *trend* these days is to give users the option to change/alter virtually every aspect of a program to fit their needs. e.g. Allow changing installation drives/paths, renaming/dragging/hiding columns, hiding previews, changing layouts, skinning, extensions, etc.
People are getting more and more computer savvy and prefer freedom from the Microsoft dictates of ‘you will use our program our way and like it’.
Your program does little [if anything] better than Thunderbird, and it’s free.
I can’t imagine you obtaining any appreciable market share with your current philosophy of ‘give the customer what we want’.
You’re *not* Microsoft.
You should be proud of that.

I’d love to hear the rationale for that one.
Granted, the average user can screw up even the most automated processes, but what is wrong with adding a simple ‘custom installation’ link like virtually every other piece of software on the planet?
Let’s hear your reasoning.

It is out of mind. You need introduce custom installations for not so dummy people!
What does mean “t is no trend today” Only stronger may manager with slaves???

It is out of mind. You need introduce custom installations for not so dummy people!

What does mean is “*not* the trend these days”? Must all will bee prisoners of powers and capital?

This is a serious problem for people who want to use a smaller SSD drive for the o/s and to use a normal hard drive for storing all data.

Installation of eM Client does not take more than 80 MB and all your data are saved in separate database folder. Obviously, you can change the databaze location without any problems.

George, it took you 5 months to come back into this discussion?
And, when you finally did, you completely skirted the issue once again.
It’s a shame. I wanted to go with this program, but the lack of support and refusal to consider what the end users want is reprehensible.

I am sorry but we have answered this question in multiple topics and I overlooked this one. I really cannot give you any good news, because our developers decided to not change this.

Ok. *That* I appreciate. It’s nice to have a definitive answer.
I’ll leave now, stating that I [and apparently many others] believe the developers made a bad [read: stupid] decision and I won’t be using nor recommending their program.

Surely Tools/Settings/General/Storage lets you relocate everything?

Unfortunately not, it does relocate only your database folder.