How Do I change the GMAIL password in EMClient?

I just logged into Google account management and changed my Google password. I expected to have to go to EMClient and input the new Google password but there is no place I can see to do that. Even stranger EMClient appears to still be sending/receiving emails to the Gmail account - even though I never was prompted for or manually entered the new password. What is going on? I’m a bit suspicious of software that does things in the background without me having any control…

Hello Ron, eM Client is using the OAuth authentication method for use with your Google account, this is a new standard that was setup as the main option for authenticating with the Gmail account, it is no longer possible to authenticate the Calendar service and your Contacts service without using this option (you can read more about this feature on our blog:

This option is using an authentication token for authenticating the client with the server, the Token is pushed to eM client once during the setup and another input of your password should only be required when you disconnect the application from your account in your google account settings.

  • In some cases network change can also callback the OAuth window for confirming your identity.