How do i change the font size?

I have googled it and searched this forum, I am told to go tools-settings-mail
My version does not go tools-settings.
I am on a maxc if that makes a difference

Hello Polly,
to change the fonts: EmClient -> Settings ->Mail -> Compose -> there on the right side under Compose: preferred style: font for messages: select and apply the preferred font and size.

One thing you can also do for the (body) text size of emails, is 1st click your mouse in the body of the email. Then hold down the control key and while holding, either press + or - key which makes the email text & pics increase or decrease in size, or while holding the control key use the scroll wheel forward or backwards which does the same thing. To get the body text & picture size back to default, click in the body of the email and then press Control & 0 keys. Pc - Ctrl / Mac - Control .

there is no setting under emclient on my mac.
the control + does not work either. I am on a mac and I have tried cmd + and ctrl +

Hello, Polly,
inside the mail you can enlarge the content with command (apple) and +.
If you want to enlarge the font of a mail (compose new mail), go to Emclient -> Settings -> Email -> Compose - see screenshot. So it should work.

Thank you, I have now been told this hree times, but my version does not have emclient - settings. I cannot find settings anywhere. My version was downloaded about three weeks ago

Polly what drop-down menu options do you have under the (EMClient) menu as per Huber’s screenshot on the Mac previous message. Can you do a screenshot of them, or type them in text.

When you press the emClient button, the new tab does not show the Settings -> screenshot (in german “Einstellungen” or try: command and semicolon).

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Hi, sorry for late reply, I generally cannot reply to these forum postings as my log in fails, I change password and it still will not let me in. Anyway, I logged in with FAcebook, that seemed to work.

I have a screenshot now. Only thing is, it’s not obvious how to attach it…
SO…my options are from the emclient drop down:
About emclient, check for updates, preferences, accounts, add account, hide, hide others, show all, Quit

I want to stop the emails nesting, it is completely doing my head in. So I need settings to unnest and to increase font size.

Please help…

AND command + dpes not increase font size…