How do I change my time?

How do I change my time or time zone in EMC? I do not see any place to do that. I have tried 2 other email clients that have he correct time. But I don’t like them as well as EMC.

Hello Bill, your Timezone settings are auto-detected from your computer’s local settings, e.g. there’s no option for default timezone settings. You can however re-setup an event’s timezone when creating/adding the event to your calendar, open the event’s details and click on timezones next to the event’s date and time.


Not sure how that can be when my time zone on my PC is correct. Any way to get it to “re-detect” the time? And it doesn’t only affect the events, all the emails are the wrong time as well.

Bill, I’m not really sure what you’re having issues with… If your emails have a wrong time setup, it’s possible the timezone is incorrectly setup on your mail/calendar server. Login to your webmail or server’s administration and make sure the timezone is setup to the correct timezone.

Hope this helps,