How do I change my password?

I need to change the password that I/eMClient use to log into my mail server, not the EM Client password. I keep getting messages that eM Client cannot connect to the server (in my case its Gmail). Thanks for any help.

I did try some things that support told me (“Repair”) and ended up losing ALL my messages!

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General Tab for your Gmail account.

If it has this section, change the password:


But typically with a Gmail account setup in eM Client using the Automatic Setup, the credentials are verified using oAuth. For this there is no password stored in eM Client. You can change your password on the Gmail server as many times as you like, and eM Client will still automatically connect to your account.

But normally when eM Client cannot connect to the server this is not because of the password. It means something is blocking the connection.

You can try completely disabling your anti-virus/firewall and VPN application then try again.