How do I change back round colors?

Need to change my back round ?

Do you want to change the background of the message window ? or the whole Theme color ?

the whole theme. Now black color, I need lighter ??

the whole theme. Now black color, I need lighter ??

There is lighter default themes available built-in to eM Client.

“Default eM Client Themes”

Click “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes”

If you want a eg: custom theme, you could either use the Theme Editor in eM Client V8 or V9 to create or modify your own, or alternatively you could try the user created custom themes.

“eM Client Theme Editor blog”

“eM Client Theme editor”

Click “Menu / Tools / Theme Editor".

“eM Client User created Themes”

Lastly If you use the Theme Editor to “modify any current theme”, “Save the Theme” first in eM Client Themes via “Menu / Settings / Appeance / Themes” with a different name, by clicking the “Advanced” button at the bottom right.

Then “Open and Modify” that saved theme in the eM Client Theme editor.