How do I BLOCK a sender?

Outlook Express allowed me to BLOCK senders. Is it possible to do this in eM Client?

Love many of the features, by the way, just a few minor niggles!

click on the “Move to Junk button” and select “Move to Junk and blacklist email”.

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Sandy Bianco

There is no option ‘Move to Junk and blacklist email’

the option is on the top of the application, red icon with “Move to Junk” next to it.
There’s a drop down menu which shows the options.

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Hi Sandy,

screen shot:

By the way, I think the text should be ‘move e-mail to junk folder and add the sender to the black list’ instead of ‘move to junk and blacklist e-mail’…it’s not the e-mail which should get black listed, but the sender of the e-mail…

thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this idea and maybe you’ll see it in the next releases.


None of this applies, but then why should it?  It’s 2 years old.  The new emclient home page DOES NOT HAVE A MOVE TO ICON!!!

Hi Alexander,
the screenshot Hans posted above is actually still relevant, as the position of the ‘Move to’ items hasn’t changed.
If you click the email you want to get rid of/ blacklist the sender of, just look for that position.
If you are worried about the relevancy of a topic next time, don’t hesitate to make a new thread here on the forums so we can assist you in solving any problems.

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