How do I address a message to a group (category) of contacts.? Bill

I want to send a message to an entire category of contacts and I do not know how to do this.

Simply filter the contacts by Category and then copy all the contacts you want send the message to in the To line.

Thanks very much George for your prompt reply.

I greatly appreciate it.



I can go to Contacts and sort them by category, but I don’t know how to copy the email addresses to the To Line.


Select all the contacts by holding Ctrl key and clicking Left mouse button, then press Ctrl+C, go to the “New mail” window, place your cursor to the “To” line and press Ctrl+V.


Thanks for the follow-up answer.
I am very familiar with selecting groups of files, copying them, and then pasting them.
I am having trouble selecting the group. I go to Contacts and open the group/category of contacts that I want to use. I try to Ctrl-Click on everything, but no group is selected.
Could you please me more specific as to what I should Ctrl-click on in order to start the copying process.


I tried to Ctrl-click the group headers, then pressed Ctrl C and was able to paste it in the To line without any problems.


Thanks for your attempts to help me, but I am no further along than when I started.

I would like to attach a screen shot so that you can see what I am looking at, but I was not successful in attaching a jpg or png file to this message.

Now the problem seems to be that I do not know what you mean by Group Headers. I am about ready to give up on eM Client.

All of the other email programs that I have used have made it very easy to address messages to groups. Why is it so difficult with eM Client?


Contact me directly at please - I will send you further instructions.