how do I add someone to my chat list?

Upgraded and my chat list is empty. How do I add people to it?

Have you had there any contacts before?
If you want to create new contact - right click in a chat area and choose “New contact”.

Yes, contacts have been in my chat list before. When I first installed eM Client my chat list was full of contacts. When I upgraded, yesterday, to the newest version, my chat list was empty. My contact list looks okay but my chat list is empty. So I am wondering how I can add folks back into the chat list (window) so I can IM them when needed.

Thanks for the assist, I really appreciate it. BTW, eM Client is awesome, can’t tell you how many friends I’ve shared it with.


What chat service do you use?


Try to disable chat service for a while in your account settings, then enable it and let me know if it helps.

Okay, will do. Thanks for the help.

Hi I upgraded and I have the same problem - before the chat list showed all my contacts, and thus was a shortcut to my contacts - now it is empty. I was my contacts back on the chat window. How can I achieve this?

I knew I shouldn’t upgrade. I just lost one of the two reasons why I’m using EM Client instead of Outlook.

“I want my contacts back on the chat window. How can I achieve this?”
I’m not logged to FB or Google chat, I was not before, and I don’t want to be now.

Okay, here’s what happened and how to fix it. During the upgrade (or maybe some other time) my Google Talk list was emptied. When I noticed my Chat list was empty I opened Google Talk and its list was also empty. Once I added a contact to my Google Talk list they also automatically showed up in my Chat window. So the solution is to open the IM client you want to use (NOT eM Client), fix the contact list in that IM client and then take a look at eM Client, should be fine. I do not know how or why my Google Talk contact list got messed up but that was the problem.

Thank you Jim - then my problem is not exactly the same as your. Happy to open a new thread.

I never had Google Talk or any IM service running synced with EM Client. I never did, and I do not want to do it now.

Nonetheless, on the chat list I had ALL MY CONTACTS FROM MY ADDRESS BOOK. Contacts now disappeared, and I want them back.

I need support. How can I achieve this?

Interesting, I think before I upgraded my contacts showed up there also now they don’t. To get support, open a new topic. I have found that em Client staff do look at our posts although being the holidays it might be a while before you get a reply. If you look at previous posts I was being helped by George Wilson and he seems to have a good knowledge of eM. Might try pinging him directly. Hope you get it resolved.

I think you are referring to the whole contact panel which used to be in Sidebar in previous versions. We decided to remove it because it was underused and we would make the graphic design more clear. If this is the case and you want it back, please vote here:…