How do I add Google Calendar to an existing account

I have configured emClient with all of my email accounts and everything is working well. One of my Google email accounts has a Calendar associated with it. I cannot see how to add this Google Calendar to emClient. This sounds like such a basic question, but I just can’t see it.

Try this: MENU > Accounts > select Google account containing the calendar, check the Google Calendar box under “Services”

Thanks for the really quick reply. I don’t have this option, see below

emClient No Calendar

I am using emClient 8.2.1659

Here is mine… same eMC version… no email… Perhaps someone else will respond to help you out


Perhaps you should consider removing that account and re-adding it…

Yes, that sorted it. When I re-added the account I had the option to add Calendars. Sorted. Thanks

Happy to help…