how come i cannot dismiss a pop up notification in eM Client?

how come i cannot dismiss a pop up notification in eM Client? it persists though i do select ‘dismiss’. it’s getting annoying. i’m new to the interface and like it alot except for this, please help me someone? thanks!

Having the same problem - no matter how many times I dismiss a calendar reminder it immediately pops up again!

hey Martin - glad it’s not just me and preferences, etc. outlook didn’t do this, and it seems the interface is very similar to outlook. my bandaid? i’m going to use task list instead - which is a bummer, since the reason i wanted eM client to begin with was for the pop up reminders! but once is enough - they do persist with minds of their own. I think tasks will work, and one may also set recurrances, reminders, attachments and i think it will work ok-i’m using the calendar right now for tracking personal expenses/payables, but when i removed a payment from the calendar and created the task - it functioned properly for my needs (so far) i hope someone with a fix responds. still frustrating though. hang in there :slight_smile: there’s still great varieity with this program, no? if it gets to me too much or i find other errors, i’ll just switch back to outlook. not sure my version can also sync with gmai though - and i haven’t the discs either…guess i’ll hang in there too! thanks for your reply. cheers!

this issue did happen to users using Google Calendars. It is a bug in Google Calendar that deletes eM Client’s information about last dismiss time of a reminder from the event once uploaded to Google Calendar.
Future versions of eM Client will use different protocols to access Google Calendar, which should also resolve this issue.

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Therefore I believe this problem won’t arise if local calendar is used.

FYI It’s still present in 2.6 RC - I cannot dismiss the reminder of a past week event… very annoying.

do you use remote (e.g. Google Calendar) or local calendars?

I use Google Calendar.

the problem stopped with a local calendar, which was abit ironic since i installed emclient to import my calendar.

luckily, the things in there were easy to simply place into the local calendar, and now it acts normal.

thank you!

This seems to be back. emClient Version 6.0.19714.0. Connected to Google calendar, and the appointment is one (in the middle) of a series.
Dismisses but then immediately returns.
I even tried deleting the appointment series (this fixed a previous example of this) but still the popup appears. (but sorry, that means I can’t include details of the appointment except its date and time: 11am Dec 27 2013)
I have hundreds of appointments on my calendar, but only this _one_ has the problem…

Sorry - should have mentioned two other things

  • o/s is Windows 7
  • If I snooze the appointment, the reminder disappears then reappears straight away - doesn’t matter if I snoozed for for 5 mins or 2 weeks.

Hi, it seems like our latest version should solve this issue. We will release it very soon.


I have the same annoying issue, repeated events past open multiple popup reminder.

If you click dismiss on a Google Calendar event and it either (wont dismiss) or (keeps coming up), then you may need to repair the calendar.

To repair a Google Calendar, right click on “Calendar” (Under your Gmail account) in eM Client, and select “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the repair tab at the top and finally click “Repair”.

Failing that, suggest to remove the Gmail account and Re-add the account which will normally fix any calendar issues as well.