How can v9 import from v5...?

I’ve seen some hints v9 can import from v6 or v7, but I was still in v5.

(1) Can I get a v6 (and maybe v7) from somewhere to get there, or is there an easier way?

(2) Can I test the full import out with the v9 trial? (as it doesn’t seem to remember some settings)


You can upgrade from any older versions of eM Client to the latest eM Client V7, 8 or 9 from the version history page below.

To upgrade you current version, close eM Client and then d/l whichever later version you want.

Then just install and it will upgrade your current version. Obviously version 9 has the latest features.

Note: Before upgrading when in eM Client, click “Menu / File / Backup” or “Menu / Backup”.

Thanks. I am making a new install in Win 10, coming from Win 7 (which I’m keeping alive).
If I move my data to the correct folder or try to import, v9 doesn’t recognize it. As some of the FAQ is saying, I’m afraid I have to first convert it to v6 (and maybe v7), then go to v9. So that’s what I’ll try if there is no easier way…

v6 recognized my folders. I then did a backup in v6 and restored that into v7. Then I installed v9 and it recognized it or I imported a backup from v7 (forgot).

A hassle, but it worked :slight_smile:

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