How can the font size be changed in the emclient window eg smaller task bar text

User text size is too large in emclient so the addition of PRINT in the Task bar cannot be seen.

Davmax, can you post a screenshot?

A little hard. I am trying to solve this for a non confident user on a remote computer . The issue is very simple. The whole emclient window text needs to be reduced. I can only perceive that the generic text size for Windows 10 needs to be made smaller as in Display settings, Scale. I am hopeful that emclient is able to control the text size within it’s window. I know how to change the text size within an email displayed in emclient ( Ctrl + or -) but this only applies to the email content. Perhaps it cannot be done !!!

I think you may be correct that this is a Windows setting, as there is nowhere in eM Client to change the interface text size.