How can I uncheck the option "Don't ask me again." after I hit the ctrl + enter key?

I’m using the eM Client 6.0.21040.0. I wrote several e-mails and hit then the keys “ctrl” + “enter”. After a while I got annoyed of the dialog box so I checked the option “Don’t ask me again”. Now I wan’t to undo this option as it has some advantage. Unfortunately I didn’t find any option where that can be done. Probably I overlooked it. Could you tell me how this can be accomplished?

Hi Maurus, all options that contain this checkbox (don’t ask again), should be included in the confirmations settings in Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations.

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I went through of all the options but couldn’t figure out which one fits.
Apart of one I have selected all so the dialog box should appear but it doesn’t appear. I that case the information is stored somewhere else. Any idea where?

Hi Maurus, sorry for my mistake, unfortunately as I’ve just found out, this option can only be recovered if you create a new database for eM Client and restore your accounts.
Otherwise it’s not possible to recall this setting. 

Another option would be a choosing a new shortcut in your shortcut settings, which has not the option checked.

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How do I create a new database? I tried to find something in the help ( couldn’t find anything.

I have chosen another shortcut. I tried out several ones. But no matter which one I have choosen. The Dialogbox doesn’t appear anymore since I marked the checkbox.

I think it’s not really convenient to delete the complete database just to retrieve a Dialogbox again therefore it would be really great if you could add functionality somewerhe in the “Settings” window for “undo” the checkbox in the dialog box.

Hi again, if you want to create a new database you can navigate to Tools > Settings > General > Storage, and change the path to your database location. The original database will remain kept in your Roaming folder, but after an application restart the application will create a new database based on your setup.

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to change the setting, however we’re considering improving this for future releases.


Creating a new database works really easy and reliable.

Meanwhile I know where “ctrl + enter” is stored. It’s stored in the main.dat. The main.dat is exchangeable although then I loose other settings. I only find out that it has probably a connection with “…ShowDialogOnCtrlEntery…” but which one and how to modify just from the plain file is not possible.

Hope that you’re planning to implement that on a later version.