How can I turn on Avatars in my email list view?

I installed a new version of eM Client on a different computer and it, by default, had the Avatars displayed next to each message. This was surprising because I’ve been using emClient for a while on another system and I don’t have the Avatars. Also, when I go into the menu as indicated on various forums and you tube videos, I don’t even have the Avatar related options.

I’ve even gone into Users - username - appdata - local - emclient and deleted the avatars folder and still nothing.

My version of emClient is up to date (well at least as far as when I go to update, it says there is none available) - version 8.2.1721

Any advice is appreciated as I’d like to try out the Avatars on my main system.

Not sure when the Avatar display was introduced, but in version 9 of eMC you right-click on the columns display line and click on Column Configuration and choose Avatar to add the avatars to the display.

Avatar is not one of the options for me to show in the columns - so guessing Avatars aren’t enabled in version 8 of the product. Guessing I’d have to pay to upgrade to version 9 if I want Avatars?

If you require the Pro version.

Yes sender Avatars was introduced in V9 even for the free version as per the eM CIient blog dated Feb 2022.—the-next-version-of-em-client-is-here-485

Quote from the above blog

Avatars in the message list
The message list now uses Avatars to help you quickly distinguish the sender of a message.

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