how can I Transfer or Migrate eM to new system?

If I want to upgrade my system, what steps are needed to transfer my eM Client from one system to the other and not lose my emails, contacts, and layout, etc…

Well, simply install the newest available version on the new system and then copy the whole data directory from one PC to another (data directory can be found in directory similar to c:/Documents and Settings//AppData/eM Client

How do I do this when the two PC’s are not connected by a cable.

Use a sufficiently large flash drive

Does this copy *everything*, all settings, all emails etc?

I just did this for migrating my eM Client. Basically I re-installed the program on the new hard drive, but didn’t set up any mailboxes or anything. The fresh install created 2 folders on the new hard drive: one in my Program Files (the program itself) and one in the AppData\Roaming folder (as stated above). I didn’t have to mess with the Program Files folder, as this is simply the program and I had freshly installed it. I closed out of eM Client, copied the AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder and replaced the freshly-installed version, and started the program. Voila! All the mail is there, all of the accounts, and all of the settings. THANK YOU EM CLIENT for making this easy! It’s such a pain in the rear with many other programs out there!

Just did this from one Lenovo laptop to another new, recent eM Client customer, worked perfectly…THANKS!