How can I synchronize with our Apple Calendar Server?

What is the exact syntax for synchronization with our company Apple Calendar Server?

For those who use Apple Calendar Server (iCal server), you must manually enter the URL of your account

URL should be in the following form:


Replace ‘USERNAME’ with your username. Notice the slash “/” that ends the URL is crucial.

The last “calendar/” isn’t necessary - but depending on how you would like to see the calendar in eM Client, it points to the calendar root directory, you may leave it there.

how about free/busy information? and setting viewrights on apple calendar server? Ical does use this info and you can set it wirh it.

As for the view rights - eM Client doesn’t support the non-standard delegation feature of the Apple Calendar Server, but it does support viewing and setting ACLs per each folder. It is possible to grant access to other users, but I am not sure if it is inter-operable with iCal.

I really need the function of editing incoming mail. For example, a message came, it contains a lot of different information, text, pictures, etc. This message has some important data. Using the editing function of this message, it is necessary to remove unnecessary elements from it (text, pictures, etc.), leave the necessary text and pictures, enter other text and pictures and save this message in edited form in a separate special folder. This is a very necessary option. Such a function was in Autluk, but in recent versions, and for them it has partially disappeared, although there is still the possibility of editing when replying or forwarding a message. Please tell your developers about this wish of your customers, I think that many of your customers will need this option. Such a function is not implemented in any of the other mail programs, and the presence of such a function will give your program, in my opinion, a significant advantage!
PS: I do not speak English, so my wish was translated with the help of Google, I hope you understand the essence of my wish. .

I think this is a difficult issue to discuss because an email is a legal document, so depending on the circumstances, editing it is essentially fraud. It is like using White-Out on letters you receive in the post and changing the words. So one wonders why you would want to do that?

But I understand the need and I have a similar requirement for one email newsletter I receive. It contains so many nonsense adverts dotted around in the text, and that is not what I want to keep in my archive.

So it is possible to edit the message manually by saving as an eml file, then deleting the original. After editing the eml file you can drag it back to eM Client. It is complicated as a message contains two parts - plain text and HTML. You would have to edit both parts so they are in sync, and it can be a long an laborious process. You will need knowledge of HTML otherwise the result will be a malformed message.

Of course with the rising popularity of digitally signing messages, this will be practically impossible as one of the purposes of digitally signing it to prevent changing of the message content.

Thanks for the answer!
That’s right - you also correctly described the need to be able to edit posts!
The messages are full of extra information.
I do not know the programming language CTML …

I have no criminal activity for which I would like to be able to edit posts!

I would like to edit messages only in order to optimize my messages, to clean up the messages - and I need to be able to edit messages.

Are there laws for companies that create email programs like yours, laws that limit the possibility of introducing such an e-mail editing function?

I don’t know if there is any legal restriction on preventing eM Client Inc. from adding this feature, but it is not a common thing to find in email clients.

Thanks for the answer.
This function is present in Autluk 2003, 2007. But since 2010, this function was somewhat curtailed in Outluk (they did not need to do this) - they left only the possibility of editing, when responding and forwarding a message …
Outluk 2003 and 2007 were better versions than later versions … This is my opinion.

Please send a wish to the developers and owners of your email program about the persistent request of some clients (potential clients) to create such a function. I assure you, your customers will appreciate this feature, and this feature will be beneficial to distinguish you from other mail programs.

PS : I am sure that there are no laws that would prohibit the introduction of such a function …

Probably not illegal, but you want to be cautious about editing messages that you may need to use as legal documents in the future. There might also be some requirement when storing business messages, that they are not altered in any way. So in a business environment consult with your legal adviser before editing received messages.

Hello Gary Curtin! Thank you very much for your response. I appreciate your answers and thank you for them.
I am not a lawyer and do not know all the laws related to the issue that we are discussing here with you. I am not any criminal or any petty crook. I am a real simple honest person. In my life, I use, as far as possible, modern technologies.
And I need to have this opportunity, if necessary, just take and change the incoming message. I get a lot of different letters, among them a lot of advertising, correspondence with friends, on work \ business, etc. Why I do not have the right to decide for myself which message I can edit (change) at will as I need it and in this form store them on the server of my e-mail ??? :))))

You are very careful to defend the position that it is not legal to edit incoming messages.
Please, can you give a real example of when such a function harms security or does it help criminals or fraudsters?

As I said before, this is not a common feature in email clients, but you would have to inquire from each software company as to why they don’t offer editing of received messages.

And legally, this is something you need to consult with an adviser in your area if this is related to business correspondence. But basically I would say the same applies to email as applies to old-fashioned paper letters. If someone sends you a letter, is it necessary to edit the text, and is it ethically and legally right to do that? What happens when a letter or email that you have edited is required for some purpose in the future and you have changed the content? In that case it has no value because as a legal document, (and an email is certainly a legal document) you have edited it without the consent of the author.

Of course there are situations where it is useful to edit the message. Like I mentioned above about newsletters that you might want to archive, but remove the advertising. There was a practice before electronic magazines called scrap-booking, where selected articles sans adverts were cut out of magazines and kept. I guess that is pretty much the same thing. But that is not the same as editing business correspondence.

Workaround: Select the whole contents of the message - text, pictures, links and all - copy and paste it to a new Word document. Your may have to set the margins to minimal.

You then have a document that you can edit to your heart’s desire without compromising the original email message. Anyway, that is the way I always do it, and it has always worked like a charm.

Although, what this has to do with the title of this here thread, Escapes me.

Escaped me also. :slight_smile:

Hello! Thank you for your responses. Well, your views are clear to me.