How can I sync contacts and Calendars with my iPhone?

My situation:  my old laptop had Outlook, I had my iphone synced so my calenders, tasks, and contacts were all synced up.  I’m using em client on my new laptop would like to recreate that scenario. All of my contacts are in EMClient, imported from Outlook. The iPhone crashed and I have no contacts on my iPhone.  I’d like to have the same contacts in both places and have the calendars synced.  No clue how to do it here. 

Hi, if you’re using IMAP in eM client it should be just as simple, just set up an IMAP account on your iPhone and all your mails should be synchronized.
If you need to synchronize contacts I suggest checking out this blog post on our website:

And if you need to synchronize calendars if you have a CalDAV account on your mail service (what mail service are you using), you should be able to set up this account in the Calendar settings on your iPhone as well.

Hope this helps,