How can I sync Blacklist with blocked senders entries on Exchange Server ?

Hi, I have a very long list of blocked senders/domains set in options on exchange server. Outlook was adding every new junk-sender, but the blacklist of emClient doesnt. What can I do ? It would be no good way, to edit the entries by owa :frowning:

Hi, unfortunately eM Client does not synchronize your blacklist with the server, the blacklist you can find in Tools > Rules is your local blacklist allowing you to add and edit email addresses or domains for eM Client.
However your current blacklist setup on the server should still be taken in account.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi, nobody says I am understanding. My office computer (and emClient) is not running all the time and so your Blacklist is useless, because I receive exchange mails by mobile devices too. So I need to use Outlook in addition, to edit Junk-Senderlist more comfortable as by Outlook Webaccess. It is a laborious way, to add all those adresses and/or domains seperate, one after the other to your blacklist too. maybe, an import function could be useful, but this would not be a professional solution. I think, the one purchased license of emClient will be the only one… Regards, Tom

Hi Tom, I’m sorry the current setup does not work for you, unfortunately it is not possible to import email addresses into your blacklist, however if you want to blacklist a domain or an email address, just click on the “Move to Junk” button if you receive such message, and you should be prompted to select if you want to blacklist the sender or the domain, no need to type in the address into the blacklist.

Also note that by moving messages into your junk folder on Exchange you’re automatically showing your server’s junk filtering system which addresses should be filtered out.

So there’s actually no need to synchronize the blacklist.


Hi Paul, thank you again for your response. Shure, I know about the “Move to Junk” button", but if I shut down emClient and my computer at office (which stores the blacklist local), my mobile devices are vulnerable to the blacklisted sender again, because exchange does not ‘know’ about it.

For comparison: Usage of the junk-button in outlook results in automatic adding the spammer to exchange-junk-list and all my mobiles are ‘protected’ without doing one more step. Also I can edit these entries and can block sender or domain.
So there should be actually high need to synchronize the blacklist in emClient, to avoid double work.

Regards, Thomas

Hi again Thomas as I advised in my previous post, by moving messages to the junk folder by using the “Move to junk” button, you’re adapting your spam filter on the server as well, as it takes in account messages/senders in the junk folder. But you need to have this option enabled in your account settings on your Exchange server. But the behavior should be exactly the same.


Hi Paul, maybe I am a little bit stupid. In junk-mail-settings of outlook web access I have identical all the blocked domains as in junk list of outlook 2010 desktop version.


in blacklist of emClient there is (since yesterday) a junk entry named

but until now I cannot find it on the server as well…

As I understand you, there is the option ‘Automatic Junk Filter’ to be enabled. This is enabled, but the additional arenabonus domain is not shown between the others or anywhere else… 

What’s goin wrong? Have I forgotten something?

Regards, Tom

Hi again, as I previously noted the blacklist is not synchronized with the server.
As I’ve suggested, Exchange should be using an automatic filter, e.g. what you move to the “Junk” folder essentially teaches your junk filter that this message should marked as spam and next time the sender sends you a message it should not be received in your inbox but rather your junk folder.

Hope this helps,