How can I stop messages being sent immediately?

I have just upgraded to the latest version, but only have the free license,

I now find that when I click “send” on a new message it gets sent immediately, whereas in the previous version it just went into the outbox. The only settings options I can find to defer sending (Enable Undo Send and Enable Send Later) are not available with the free license.

You need to untick this option:

Messages will then wait in the Outbox for the next sync schedule. That is not very reliable as it may just be seconds away.

It already is unticked

Not sure i understated sync schedule. Could you please elaborate.

Correction - understand not understated

eM Client has a sync schedule specified in Menu > Settings > General > General > Synchronization.

This is the schedule by which all folders other than the Inbox sync with the server, as well as calendars, contacts etc.

If you have selected not to send messages immediately, they will be sent on the next scheduled sync. If you have the schedule set to 10 minutes, then it may be anywhere between 0 and 10 minutes from when you click Send that the message will be uploaded to the server depending on where in the schedule you are.

I have synchronize set to 10 minutes, but all messages I am trying to delay are sent immaculately As soon as I click “Send”, it says “Message has been sent”, and the Refresh wheel at top left of screen starts turning.

I have worked out a not very elegant solution to the problem – save the message as a draft and them move from the draft folder to the outbox.

I can live with the solution I described, but it would be interesting to know why messages are sent immediately, even though the relevant box in Settings is unticked,

Martlets is right! The facility to retain completed emails in Outbox for further consideration until sent out by Refresh has disappeared in the latest updated edition. We should not have to save as Drafts. There is no point in using this client if this “sleep-on-it” facility has gone.

Glad I am not the only one dissatisfied with the situation. Is anyone monitoring this thread, and if so is there any progress toeards fixing the issue?

I too noticed that emails in the Outbox are now sent immediately despite “Send messages automatically” being unchecked. This change seems to have been made in version 9 I believe. This looks like a bug to me.

I am very pleased to see that this issue has been resolved in the latest update. Correctly, when you “send” a message, it just goes into the outbox and remains until you decide to send it.