How can I stop em-client categorising incoming e-mail?

Em-client is putting a little yellow flag on most (but not all) incoming e-mails. I can remove it manually by right-clicking on the message and selecting ‘Categorize’ from the drop-down menu, then unchecking the ‘Important’ category. But how do I tell it not to categorise my e-mail at all?

Hi Philip,

If you don’t want to categorize at all:

If your Main Header looks like this -Click the arrow

or go via Menu - (Many roads to Rome )

That will still leave the Category column showing “None” 
If you want to get rid of that as well

R-click any header in your Inbox (or Category) and select Columns Configuration

Remember that the items shown can be adjusted per folder.
So for eg. the Sent folder they’ll be different.

Thanks. The first suggestion didn’t make any difference to the messages I had already received, so I followed the second suggestion, which did. I haven’t received any new e-mails yet, but am optimistic that the problem (if you could call it that) is solved. Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback - Glad it helped…
There’s a lot behind the screens with Categories
You only touched Mails (Messages)