How can I set EmClient to save my reply in the save folder as the original email is in?

I need to save my reply in the same folder as the email I’m replying to.

I don’t this this is a feature as yet, but I would also love to see this added. Often, my replies need to be filed with the original message. A “Reply saved in same folder” would save me a great deal of time. Or at least, make the tag that informs me that i replied to a message on such-and-such a date that is shown on the original into a link so that I can access the reply quickly.

It would be a huge help!

This option has been around in Mozilla Thunderbird for a long time. This is really helpful to keep discussions organised when you organize your emails in folders (manually or using rules).

I am a bit sad to see that this feature did not make it in the new version yes (emclient 7)

Hello everybody,

Could we please ask why do you want to have replies saved in the same folder as the original e-mail? If it is because you’d like to easily navigate through the replies, we would recommend using the Conversations view in Menu -> View -> Conversations -> Show Conversations in All Views/in Message View Only

If there is some other reason you’d like to have replies sent in the same folder as the original e-mail, you can set up rules that would take care of it. We would however not recommend this option, as it’s often too much for the server and it can get very chaotic.


Conversation view is not appropriate for what I need. I have 17 sub folders each with 10 years worth of correspondence about similar topics, so titles often get reused (even if the current conversation is not relevant to previous emails of a similar nature). I don’t want emails about a similar topic from eight years ago to appear in a thread. But what I do want is the ability to view all correspondence in that folder in a linear fashion INCLUDING MY REPLIES! I’m trying to minimized the amount of repetitive sorting I have to do on a daily basis. Just because you don’t have a need for a feature, doesn’t mean the feature is useless. Apparently, more than one person has a need for it or this thread wouldn’t exist.

When I updated to version 7, it defaulted to conservation view. I’m not crazy about it, but it’ll take some time to be comfortable with it, if ever. It is too difficult to find a specific email in conversation mode.

My incoming emails are automatically sorted in folders by server-side scripts. Keeping the replies along with the emails that are beeing replied to helps keeping my emails organised and consistant accross the various tools I use (my iphone, web access and em client).

The conversation view is not usefull for that purpose.

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I work with almost a hundred artists with whom I correspond constantly, and quite often with the same subject line. Conversation view is actually quite confusing because of this. Having replies to emails saved with the original message allows me to easily navigate to an individual artist’s folder to review correspondence.

Be aware that eM Clients conversation view does not use message subject as the main key to group conversations, but instead uses primarily the message ID. Therefore, even if you have the same subject line and recepient, it should group them separately if they are in fact unique conversations.