How can I set eM Client conversation view exactly like Gmail does?

I was attracted to eM Client due to its features. Especially the security features. It is a robust email client and relatively easy to use. However, eM Client way of organizing email conversations is convoluted and quite frankly annoying.

I paid for the lifetime subscription and I began to think if that was a mistake. This feature is a deal-breaker. I was wondering if I could set eM Client conversation view exactly like Gmail does?

Can you elaborate on that as to what the problem is with Conversation view ?. Also maybe an example screenshot as well. Also include what version of eM Client you are using & if you have Windows or Mac.

Note:- If you do include a screenshot, blank out anything personal.

I paid for the lifetime subscription and I began to think if that was a mistake.

You have 12months of VIP support when you purchase eM Client via logging into the following web page. You can lodge a support ticket there.

As you can see in the screenshot, the conversation messages are not in order. The number 3 is supposed to be at the top, and the number 1 at the bottom. This is just a portion of the conversation. The rest of the conversation looks even worse. Making reading emails really confusing.

I searched everywhere and it seems that this is the way the developers want these conversations to look like. I just played with all eM Client options and there is no single feature to set the conversation up like it is supposed to be. I mean, just copy the Gmail or Outlook conversation format.

There are only 2 messages there; 2 and 3.

What you have indicated as message 1 is actually quoted text within message 2.

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What I said is accurate. Don’t try to gaslight me. You can see what I mean in the screenshot. Even a 10 years old can see that the order is wrong.

In eM Client a message begins with the sender avatar or monogram on the left and the time on the right. There are only 2 messages in your screenshot.

If you read carefully, those are three different messages.

No, there are only 2 messages in your screenshot. What you marked as 1 is part of message 2. It is quoted within the message body and not a separate message. Have a look in Google webmail and you will see it is the same.

With Gmail accounts, the organisation of the conversation comes from the Google server, and not our own heuristics.

I think you are way too accustomed to gaslighting people on this forum. If you read the messages, you can tell they are three different messages. Anyone can see that. Now, I am really regretting paying that lifetime subscription. This is unbelievable!

Gary is right. There are two emails, where the top mail contains a quoted reply. Under normal circumstances these quoted replies are detected and hidden, just like Gmail does it. It seems that in this case the quoted reply was not detected correctly. You can share the email saved as .eml with us on [email protected] (or and we can check the details.

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All this gaslighting cr*p - get a life!

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You guys are both right. There are two emails as far as eM Client is concerned. However, in the snip, there are three email messages. The one marked 1 is a message quoted in email 2.

My point is, eM Client makes it difficult to see the difference. The same very thin line separates quoted emails and emails in the thread. There should be a color indication of what emails I sent vs received.

For example, in SMS, it’s very obvious what is what.

The solution is not simple, but hey - we have now AI powered eM Client ;).
But seriously - program can recognize what is message and what is part of quoted original, previous message. After all there are only few reply methods and is easy to recognize part of email that is no longer original one, but just quoted previous message. So before that part some line can be placed and rest of message may be hide - and above that line small “MORE” button if user wants to see that quoted part too.

That only small suggestion how to made it if someone needs it.

And people years ago decided that top-posting is so great and natural, so now we have signatures below someone else’s qoutes posts or above them, quoted whole messages without any cut out of not important parts and all everything that makes reading longer conversations really painful… Nvm, good old bottom posting never returns.