How can I see which account an email came from in the Unified view?

When an email comes into the Unified account, I can’t see which of my accounts (my personal gmail, my other personal email hotmail, or my business outlook email) it came in from. Short of manually checking each account separately, there should be an easy way to see which account it came in from in the Unified account. Is there nothing that tells us this simple piece of information?

Right click on one of the column headings and select the option for “Column Configuration”. You should then be able to select the column for “Account”.

  • Merg

Just to clarify the Merg’s answer, you must be in the “message on bottom” view.

Also, for Gmail, it will always show “All Mail”, so it may not be useful.  Gmail does not have real folders, but category flags that are translated into a folder appearance in eM Client.  There is only one real folder, which is All Mail (O.K., there are actually 3 folders including spam and trash).  You can assign one or many categories to a particular email, so eM Client would not know which one to report, so “All Mail” is reported.