How can I see the mail's path location at te preview screen ?

At the email preview screen (at the right hand side for example) it would be ‘nice to have’ additional information about the email localization.

At the top of the preview screen (in the email header) there should be URL for example
Inbox \ Office \ Request \ Customer

The link can be displayed with small blue font also in the mails list in the middle of the screen.
( you can add option in Global settings -> Mail -> [x] show folder path in the mail header )

By clicking any name of folder you can switch to the folder.
I think It will be very useful to work with Search folders.

Hi Jerzy, not completely sure if I understand the idea, would this link be redirecting the user to the folder, this message is located in?

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Yes and user will have the information where is located the mail.

For example I’m using rules for incoming mail and I’m working with Unread smart folder. Sometimes there is a big need to fast switch to other mails to check the context of discussion or to check other things. In Search folder I have no information where the mail is currently located. I have near 200 folder in my tree and it is a big problem to scroll the tree and locate right folder.

Hi again, you can always view the folder email is located in while using the “Show messages on bottom” layout.
Or by enlarging the list of emails while using the “Show messages on right” setup. Just change the column configuration and add “folder” to the displayed columns.

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But you still have to scroll the folders tree to go to the specific location.
When you put this information in mail header you can go to the folder only by one click.

Once again, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases. It was just a suggestion how you can use the current setup.

Thank you for understanding,