How can I save my older e-mail correspondence?


I needed to change my provider.
Therefore I got new e-mailadresses.
How can I save my old e-mail correspondence easily? If I let them in the “e-mails” I always have to interrupt the asking…
Thank you for help!

You can export your old emails to eg: .eml files via “Menu / File / Export”.

Or you could drag your old emails to the “Local Folders” at the bottom left.

Make a backup first via “Menu / Backup” incase anything goes wrong.

  1. After backups, what I’d do is make a local folder called: Old email Yahoo - or whoever your old provider was.
  2. Then I’d make a subfolder for each year you used that ISP and have content.
  3. If you had folders with that old provider, I’d replicate them under this new local folder.
  4. Now, highlight the appropriate emails and drag and drop them into the appropriate subfolders of Local Old …

Now you can when you create the new account, all your old emails will be stored appropriately on your local computer.

If you are using IMAP, and you want them on the hosts server, you can recreate the folders under that account and drag emails back.

If you have so many folders it is hard to drag and drop (be careful not to drop in the wrong place, they can be hard to find if you do) you can add the Move to Folder icon to your taskbar and navigate the drop that way instead of dragging and dropping.

You can also use favorites to make the folders closer together.

Thank you for your advices. I’ll follow them next weekend! Rogera :ok_hand: