How can I restore RULES from backups or copies of saved folders?

After having to ‘wipe’ my drive and reload, I’ve REinstalled em Client. I have tons of RULES that were being used before. I have a complete backup of my system that I can restore from. Does anyone know what folder(s) that are needed to be repopulated from the copy so that I DON’T have to rekey/recreate every one again?
Thank you for thinking about this! - N (Centeral CA)

Simply run eM Client with the old database folder and export the Rules to XML file using the option: File - Export - Export settings to xml file.
Then you can import the rules to any other eM Client’s database.

Thanks for the info. I filled in the licence key again, changed database location AND it runs as expected again, Gé Groenewegen

Great, glad it works, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application.

Thank you,

My issue is that I had to install a new OS onto my laptop. But now I cannot restore from backup. All of my folders are gone and now Im on a newer version of em client. How do I get everything back to normal