How can I remove the column on the LHS (123 at the top) in Contacts?

This column sits on the LHS (RHS of folder list).
I’m not sure what this column is for, and the more columns would fit in if this one was removed.

Not sure to which column you are referring, but myy guess is that it is the new mail indicator column-- an orange dot will appear in this column for new mails.  Don’t think it’s going anywhere.

Is this the column?

Jay, I appreciate your help again.

The column I am referring to is in Contacts (not Mail), and is the second column in from the Left side of the page with the alphabet (abc etc.) running vertically below numbers 123 at the top of the column.
However I take your point, I doubt if it’s ‘going anywhere’!!

Sorry, I can’t get a screen shot for you.

Cheers, Sundance

Ahhh, that column.  That is a quick jump to the contacts first letter.  I guess I’ still right, probably not going anywhere.