how can i remove certain adresses and/or domains from my blacklist?

too much mail disappears in ‘unwanted’ email

It looks like you just go to the junk folder for the account, then click (single click, don’t open the email) an email from the domain you want to remove from the blacklist. Then click the little down arrow where it says “Move to Inbox” there are options there to remove the domain from the blacklist.

I hope that helps


you can manage all blacklisted addresses in the Blacklist rule options - simply open Tools - Rules, choose the Blacklist rule and click Modify button. Then you will be able to add/delete whichever addresses you want.

It seems like the “Spam Filter” rule is causing the problem, and we can’t get to that.

I have tried moving emails in the Junk E-mail folder repeatedly checking these options, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.  Some examples are anything from itunes, amazon or someone with a yahoo address.

Hi Andrew, eM client does not have a spam filtering feature, the “Spam filter” you can see in Rules, is the server rule that’s being used by eM Client, however all junk email in your client should be marked as spam on your server.
Unless you’re using some other email application that has it’s junk filtering feature, which can cause some messages being marked as spam in eM Client as well.

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I am trying to add a contact to my whitelist or remove from blacklist. Because I can’t receive messages from a certain domain. I do not show a rule for blacklist in my rules option. How can I start receiving email from a certain person/domain?

Hi Cheryl, if you’ve added the person to your blacklist you should be able to view and edit the domain names in Tools > Rules > Blacklist, if the option is not listed, you don’t have a blacklist populated with any sender’s addresses, and the message is most likely being filtered by your server.

Unfortunately eM client is unable to remove the address from a server based mail filter as the message is being sorted once it’s received by the server not the application.