How can I reduce the size of the eM files?

I have just moved over to eM from Outlook and so far I really like it BUT approx 1.3G worth of annual .pst files (I need to keep old email - so far 8 years worth) seem to have become one enormous (5;5G) eM file which my computer struggles to handle and backup is not a practical option.

How can I break this down into folders/files whatever which I can easily load into eM as and when I need them? Outlook does this very easily with Personal Files which you just Open and Close, keeping the active/current bit of the email system simple. I have to be able to do this. I don’t think the Export function works like this?

Any suggestions; I would really like to stay with eM?

Colin H

Hi, this is not possible, you can backup those files and move backup to other disk or you can change location of your database to your other harddisk/s.

But simple compress is not possible, only way is if you use IMAP and you still have your emails on the server you can delete your database and synchronize it again without setting “Download messaged for offline use”.


@ Coiln - I fully agree with you that there should be an option of splitting the huuuggee mail_data file and keep old years emails separately which can be used/loaded whenever needed in a simple way!

@John - Thank you for your opinion, but actually we don’t need to compress one big email file - one can get a bigger storage disk easily if getting out of storage. But the matter of loading one file of several GB’s - which contains few years’ old data which is rarely needed - every time we open em client is quite frustrating!!

Is there anyone from eM Client support team to address this issue and guide us?? Thanks!

Waseem Khan

Hi Waseem,

The e-mails of eM Client are stored in a database: that file is NOT loaded completely every time you start eM Client.

Normally only the data which is needed will be loaded from a database.

Kind regards,

Hans Nieuwenhuis

Is it possible to split this file ?
I’ve just setup EM Client and the file mail_data.dat is about 14 Go !
Thanks of your help