How can I merge 2 em Client accounts from 2 different devices?

I am working through problems with my PC following upgrade to Windows 10 and have started working with em Client on my laptop. When I get sorted out, how can I merge the 2 sets of e-mails so that I then have just one master?

Hello Joe, I’m not precisely sure what you have in mind by merging two e-mails? If you’d like to see your messages in a unified inbox for both your accounts, you could find Smart folders helpful in this matter.


My PC is down (issues with upgrading to Windows 10) and I have installed em Client on my laptop so that I can continue to have an email facility
When I get my PC working I will have mail on my PC and on my laptop
How will I be able to get them back together into one database?

Hello Joe, if you’re using IMAP all your items should be synchronised with the server and your eM Client, thus using the account on multiple computers should allow you to see the exact same content on both your computers, unless of course you’re using POP for receiving new e-mail.


I do use POP for incoming mail (and SMTP for outgoing ) - sounds like I need to switch to IMAP for incoming!
Which server does EM Client synch with? Is it the BT-Yahoo server? I use Yahoo for my main email account
Still leaves me with my original question - since I have been using POP, I now have 2 separate sets of history (one on my PC and one on my Laptop ) and will eventually need to get them back together
Any ideas?

Hello Joe, eM Client synchronises with the server setup for your account - there’s many. If you only have your items saved locally now, and not on the server, I would recommend exporting your items out of the database and re-importing once you setup your IMAP account- all items should be then uploaded to the server if you import them into the IMAP account.

You can export and import items in File > Import/Export.

Hope this helps,