How can I make eM Client ignore Junk IMAP folder on email server?

My email server keeps a junk folder that I do not want downloaded to my local hard drive. How can I make eM Client permanently stop syncing that particular folder? Every time I delete it the Junk folder re-appears with the next sync. Thanks.

The only possible solution is to disable showing of the Junk folder in IMAP - you have to disable it directly on the server.

Thank you

Is there now a better solution to NOT downloading the server “Known Spam” folder? Does seem kind of silly and dangerous. Kind of a deal breaker.

As George said above, you could configure that on the server. Providers like Gmail allow you to specify which folders are available to the IMAP client.

Another option is to use POP3, which doesn’t download the spam folder.

But, it can also be useful to have access to that folder. Doesn’t mean you need to regularly look at what is in there, and with eM Client’s unsafe content settings, it is not dangerous even if you do have a look. But there are occasions when messages end up there by mistake. is well known for moving regular messages to the spam folder unless you add the senders to the whitelist. If that is your provider, you may never see most of your messages if you don’t have the spam folder in your email client.