How can I integrate eset nod32 antivir in emclient?

I want to use emclient with eset nod 32. In outlook, the antivirus scanner was automatically integrated, but I can`t get nod32 running in emclient (imap protocol). Any Ideas?

You can’t integrate nod32 into EC. None of the available AV’s can do that. What you need to do is tell NOD32 to scan incoming e-mail. Thsi feature can be found in the options of NOD32. (I’m not a NOD-user btw)

I assume you are using Eset V3 or V4 & not Nod32 (V2.7)
If so your email are scanned anyway, it’s just that you don’t have a button on the toolbar of your mail client.

Please be carefull with this combination. I am using the combination eM Client, NOD32 and hMailserver. This combination does NOT work correctly with me when having NOD32 scan the IMAP-protocol. Mails do not appear in eM Client.
When I disable scanning of the IMAP-protocol in NOD32, the mails do appear correctly.

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